Oocyte Donation

The medical name for a woman’s egg is ‘oocyte’. Women who are not able levitra equivalente to produce their own oocytes due to diminished ovarian function or the onset of early menopause, could conceive by using donated oocytes.
Women aged 20-35 years represent the ideal donor, as they are considered to be at the peak of their fertility potential. If she This is a great product, I like that it comes in a blister pack and does not need refrigeration. Sildenafil mylan 25 mg 8 compresse prezzo, when you order drugs online from our shop you can be assured that you’re ordering the very best brand and generic medication from Canada. wishes to become an oocyte donor, she is first required to undergo an extensive background check of her medical history. Next comes screening for chromosomal disorders, genetic disorders, and infectious diseases. If any of these investigations is positive, the potential donor is excluded from oocyte donation. If all investigations are negative, the donor proceeds to the next stage.
The oocyte donor and the potential recipient couples are carefully matched for blood type and physical characteristics like skin and hair colour and height. The oocyte donor then undergoes ovarian stimulation to produce mature oocytes that can be collected and used in IVF treatment with the sperm of the male of the recipient couple.
During the process described above, the recipient couple undergoes extensive counselling. It is paramount that the recipient couple is aware of the emotional and social implications of undergoing treatment with oocyte donation and IVF. For example, the question of disclosure to the resulting offspring is one of the essential concerns for many oocyte donation recipient parents.
The conception rate in oocyte donation is slightly over 80% for the recipient women and once pregnant the antenatal care is the same as for any other pregnancy. The donated oocytes we use for matching with potential recipient couples are provided exclusively to our clinic by an oocyte bank with a cohort of donors from a range of heredities, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.
Our clinic is based in Rome and our oocyte bank is in Spain, so any more specific requests must be discussed in detail with us and will depend upon the relevant legislation within the framework of Italian law.