True Stories

Vulvo-vaginal atrophy

During their fertile years, women produce various hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and a small amount of testosterone. In particular, estrogen is responsible for the lubrication of the vaginal walls and promoting the balance of vaginal bacterial flora, while testosterone maintains the muscle tissue surrounding the vagina and pelvic floor. The consistency and elasticity of […]

Recurrent Miscarriage and Repeated IVF Failure

Recurrent miscarriage in the first trimester can have many different causes, including chromosomal disorders of the embryo itself, undiscovered genetic abnormalities in the parents, and infections of the cervix and vagina, especially Clamydia which may reduce fertility and cause loss of pregnancy. More rarely, uterine abnormalities and systemic illnesses may contribute to miscarriage. Women who […]

Nico Naumann on “Corriere della Sera” – Volunteer in Sierra Leone

When you reach the last weeks of your pregnancy, you inevitably see your gynecologist more often — and I particularly enjoyed my most recent visit. Not just because the figure in the scan finally looked like a ‘real’ baby (although I admit, it it is a touching sight to behold, even if it’s not the first child) but […]

My experience with VBAC – Natural birth after caesarean

Why I wanted – and am glad I had – a VBAC I liked the idea of not choosing the baby’s birth date, but letting it be decided spontaneously; I wanted to be able to pick up my older son in the days following the birth (which is not recommended after surgery); I was (inexplicably) curious to […]

Natural birth of twin pregnancy

When Dr. Naumann asked me to write down my daughters’ birth story, I agreed since I am happy to tell whoever will listen that it is possible to have an uncomplicated, natural birth with twins and to breastfeed two babies exclusively. Shortly after our son turned three, my husband and I decided it was time […]

Parto spontaneo dopo cesareo: chi te lo fa fare? Te lo spiego io!!!

di Lidia La sera dopo aver partorito il mio secondo figlio con parto cesareo, una partoriente travagliava nella stanza accanto alla mia e dopo un po’ le infermiere m’hanno detto che aveva partorito spontaneamente. Io mi sono sentita depressa e l’ho invidiata tremendamente quasi odiandola, solamente perché era riuscita in cio’ che a me non […]

A home birth in Rome

by Rachel Wheatley When I happily became pregnant for the second time I didn’t initially give too much thought to what I wanted for a birth experience the second time around. My first birth, 11 years before, was a stressful, lengthy, induced birth in the UK in which I had felt very disempowered and detached […]

A home birth story

by Caroline Presber When I became pregnant with my first baby, we were living in Paris. As there was a large public hospital with a good reputation just two blocks away from our apartment, I decided that I would give birth there. The hospital assigned me a midwife, who monitored me throughout the pregnancy. I assumed […]

Il parto in acqua: la mia magnifica esperienza

Lettera di una mamma che racconta la nascita di sua figlia Care amiche, il 15 febbraio 2002 è nata Gigliola come Venere dalle acque. Infatti ho partorito in una vasca ed è stata un’esperienza indimenticabile. Ho 36 anni e da due mio marito ed io abitiamo a Roma : dopo molti anni dedicati alla carriera […]