Birth in a foreign country during the pandemia Covid19

Here you can read an interesting letter I received from a chinese patient of mine, in both Chinese and English:


我是在罗马工作的中国人,初次怀孕本就充满紧张焦虑,又正值新冠疫情期间,意大利蔓延的疫情更加剧了我和爱人的不安。但很幸运,我结识了Naumann医生。在我认识的前后十余年陆续在罗马生娃的中国同事中,她们都不约而同地选择了Naumann医生,在她们的一致推荐下,我也幸运地成为了Naumann医生病人的一员。 Naumann医生是德国人,会讲英语,是罗马为数不多的可以用英语交流的妇产科医生之一。他十分专业,每次的产检B超都详细地给我们讲解子宫和胎儿的各个部位,认真程度好似让我回到了中学的课堂。孕期我检查出了妊娠糖尿病,是Naumann医生用他的专业化解了我的焦虑和紧张,并最终安全顺产。 他也非常幽默,产检时总是能在笑声中化解我和爱人初为准父母的不安。 Naumann医生永远在线,孕晚期出现临产征兆后,不管是深夜还是清晨,他总会耐心及时地回复我们的电话和信息,令人颇为心安。产后出院回家后,Naumann医生也每天主动询问我的感受。让我印象最深的是,Naumann医生不同于我对妇产科医生的刻板印象,在关注胎儿成长健康的同时,也非常重视我的身心健康。每次产检我和爱人都会罗列出多个问题让他一一解答,但他在回答之前,第一句话总会问我的感受如何,让我感觉受到了尊重,在他这里我意识到我不仅仅是个孕妇,也是一个拥有自己的感受和情绪的正常人。 疫情和中国入境政策的突变打乱了我们原本回国生产的计划,最终滞留在意大利生产。虽然初为人父母,在异国他乡举目无亲,但从产检到生产,只要Naumann医生在身边,我们就觉得心安。 由于疫情原因,我见到的Naumann医生始终戴着口罩,直到产后我们带着女儿去复查,Naumann医生抱着在他的近十个月监护下顺利诞下的婴儿拍照时,他才摘掉口罩露出了“真面目”。我小小的女儿被他大大的双手抱在怀中,就像整个怀孕期间我和胎儿被他悉心照料一样,安全感十足。

We are a Chinese expat couple working dove comprare il viagra in Rome. Our first pregnancy was during the COVID-19 pandemic and full of anxiety for us. The sudden change in China’s entry policy disrupted our original plan to return to China for the pregnancy and birth, and we stayed in Italy. Our anxiety brought us back to the middle school classroom. We checked out gestational diabetes during pregnancy and everything we could think of that might go wrong. Then luckily, I met Dr Naumann. Among my Chinese colleagues in Rome, for more than ten years, Dr. Naumann has been their unanimous choice for antenatal care and delivery. Dr Naumann is German vardenafil controindicazioni and one of the few OBGYNs in Rome who speak English. What impressed me the most about Dr Naumann was that he is different from my stereotypical idea of OBGYNs. While paying attention to the health and progress of the pregnancy, he also attached great importance to our physical and mental health as prospective parents. At each consultation we would ask multiple questions for him to answer one by one, but before he answered, his first words were always to ask how we felt, which made us feel respected as individuals with our own feelings and emotions. It was Dr. Naumann who used his expertise to resolve our anxiety and tension. He is very professional and also has a great sense of humour. The anxiety of the prospective parents was always resolved by laughter during the birth check. During the third trimester, whether late at night or early in the morning, Dr Naumann was reassuringly always available online and always responded patiently and promptly to our calls and messages. After we returned home from the hospital after delivery, Dr Naumann was also actively interested in our day-to-day feelings. Although we are new parents and have no relatives in a foreign country, we felt at ease with Dr Naumann present from check-ups to delivery. We had never seen Dr Naumann without a face mask until we took our daughter for a review after delivery and he took pictures of her to add to his gallery of babies born under his care. He took off his face mask and fully revealed his true kindly self. He cradled my little daughter in his arms with his big hands and I’m sure that she felt entirely safe and secure.